Effective Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online- Padlock Token

In an age defined by a full-frontal assault on our right to privacy, keeping our personal information safe is very important. As you browse, chat and socialize online, all your activity is being monitored, tracked, and analyzed. 

All your information including your name, address, educational qualification,  relatives, purchase history, interests and habits, court records, everything! Your entire history is exploited for financial gain. 

However, you can fight back. By making some changes to how you interact online, you can get back control of your digital privacy. What’s more fun is that it’s convenient. You won’t require deep technical knowledge. Everyone can do it with a little bit of time and effort. You’ll find lots of free tools available that can protect your privacy. Padlock token is one of them. Today we’ll talk about this security solution which became the first choice of many. 

What is Padlock?

First things first, we’ll have to gain a clear idea about a new revolution in the communications field – Padlocktoken. What is Padlock? Padlock is a decentralized blockchain-based communications and security DApps solution. PadLock offers its users the chance to communicate and send files without corporate servers between them. There will be no more information leaks, no more viruses and no more email requirements to sign up. And the best part? All information will be managed and stored in the blockchain. Sounds good? There’s more!

What does Padlock have to offer? 

  • Send text and multimedia messages between two or more users (P2P) securely. 
  • Decentralized email services.
  • Audio and video calls for both private and group conversations.
  • File transfer without limit. Stored in the blockchain and 100% executed in the blockchain. 
  • Virus protection
  • Avoid data loss
  • Unique ID using smart contracts
  • File transfer using smart contracts
  • It has an app
  • Ensure data ownership 

What is DApp?

After reading all that information about padlock, you must be wondering what DApp is. Let us help you. 

The DApp is a decentralized application, thus called DApp. It’s an application built on a decentralized network.

Decentralized means that there’s no central body that controls the information and transactions. With the needed resources, the DApp can perform any action.

DApp is isolated. It’s implemented in a virtual environment so that even if the smart contract happens to have a bug, it won’t hinder the normal functioning of the blockchain network. DApp offers zero downtime. It means once the smart contract is deployed and on the blockchain, the network as a whole will always be able to assist the clients. 

With the advancement of the global village concept, the world of digital assets is getting more and more common. And Crypto tokens are one of the most famous digital assets these days. That’s why PadLock is there intending to provide secure data ownership in a decentralized way. 

No more centralized data storage. No more risking identity theft. Padlock enables you to own, control, and protect your data using the latest evolutions in blockchain technology.

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