How Does IQ Option Affiliate Work

The IQ Option Affiliate Program is one of the great financial derivatives affiliate programs available, and investors may advertise it without fear.

Investors may believe that aggressive investing is perhaps the only way to generate income from trading platforms. That is not the reality; some of these trading firms provide affiliate programs through which you can generate income while sleeping. One of them is the iq option affiliate program. It allows traders to benefit from their referrals for the rest of their lives. IQ option is currently a very well-known corporation in the financial derivatives sector. As a result, investors can advertise it to earn a good profit. Customers can recommend that providers on this marketplace, earn money if someone signs through their link and becomes an accredited investor.

IQ Option Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are when you promote a company’s products and services in exchange for a reward when a consumer clicks on the firm’s link and buys anything.

It functions similarly to a referral service. The consumer becomes a collaborator of the firm that promotes its goods rather than a trader when they use the software. Since of their affiliates, iq option is well-known. Nowadays, several new providers are attempting to follow the iq option affiliate system. But, for the time being, iq option is the best choice. They have provided many possibilities to the membership thus far, and as a result, they have become well-known.

Resources and Equipment Given by the IQ OptionĀ 

IQ Option does not simply guide you to the peak and abandon you there; they go beyond and equip you with everything you will have to stay calm and get the work completed. It is like possessing a vast toolbox where you can choose what you need. All iq option customers have access to a comprehensive set of marketing resources that can be used in future campaigns.

  • The standard links have been used in the past.
  • Banners that are both dynamic and static.
  • Illustrations that draw the user’s attention and encourage them to click on a link.
  • High-definition video clips that encourage investors to use the iq option platform to conduct financial transactions.
  • Marketing outlines of the trading system that are prepared to use.
  • Letter texts for use in e-mail newsletters.

In other words, they allow you to use your imagination when it comes to advertising. If there are any new technique improvements, you will receive a monthly newsletter to give you an update.

Working Process of the IQ Option Affiliate Program

There are numerous stages to establishing a partnership with the provider:

Get Initiated

Administrators of websites, journals, sponsored social media accounts, youTube channels, and professionals in relevant and customized marketing post the obtained link on their website or in an advertisement.

Advertising Link

After a customer to a resource click on a link, a marketing banner, or an advertisement, the system assigns the participant’s equipment a distinctive partnership ID.

The Creation of a New Customer Account

Clicking on the link, the customer is enrolled on the iq option trading platform and can make transactions in the exchange market.

Revenue Accumulation

Depending on the trading turnover of all participating traders or individuals separately, the partnership generates revenue on the conditions of the chosen deal.


Execute conducted twice a month using the partner’s preferred payment method. Webmoney, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Qiwi, ePayments, and Yandex are used to transfer cash. The minimal transfer value is ten monetary units to unlock transactions, you must first recruit at least five interested consumers who will use the platform to conduct financial transactions. There is no fee to pay. A bank transfer, Wire Transfer are accessible for customers who have earned 2000 units in the last 30 days.

To become a service partner, complete a short registration form by entering your email in the enrollment field, creating a passcode, and agreeing to the terms of cooperation. The partner accepts the deal at the end of the operation and their private information is displayed in their account.

IQ Option Affiliate Program Regulations

To prevent being kicked out of the affiliate program, you must adhere to some specific criteria. Here are some listed regulations in order of appearance:

  • You will not be able to register for a trader account utilizing the affiliate link. It is specifically banned. If you do so, they will immediately remove you from the affiliate program without warning.
  • You cannot use their trademark “IQ Option” to purchase Google Adwords sponsored ads. To avoid being banned, ensure you contain the word “IQ option” in your keyword suggestions.
  • Before you can add a payment system, you must first validate your mobile number. You will not be able to add a payment option to withdraw your earnings until you verify your mobile number.
  • You must have at least ten registered participants in your affiliate link to be paid for the first occasion. It implies you will not be able to take your earnings if you only suggest one or two people. At least five first-time investors are required in the marketplace. That indicates there are ten interested investors.


Affiliate programs can be beneficial and provide a chance to earn money online while you sleep. As a participant of the iq option program, earning a consistent income is both possible and simple. IQ Option was recognized for taking security precautions to prevent criminal actions against consumers, developing an innovative platform, and having the best affiliate program. However, it takes time to turn it into a viable business. To ensure consistent revenue, the applicant must research the characteristics of the trading platform. Always keep in mind that innovation is the key tool setting you apart from other affiliate marketers.


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