Magnum Options Review: What Experts Say?

Magnum Options is a common financial derivatives trading platform with innovative features and excellent trading tools that make trading convenient.

A broad range of currencies, inventory, resources, and indexes are available on the website. It provides traders with cutting-edge payment gateways on track with the leading brokerages, ensuring the protection of all of their transactions on their platform. They advocate for openness and integrity, offering excellent service to their clients, as shown by the countless Magnum Options Reviews available online.

Magnum Options

Magnum options is a user-friendly platform that is ideal for both novice and experienced investors.

Magnum options, which has been in business since 2013, is a comparatively well-known financial derivatives broker in the online trading culture. The broker has expanded by leaps and bounds from its establishment four years ago. It has amassed a dedicated following of customers over the years by supplying them with customized services and meeting all their trading needs. With a focus on financial derivative trading, the platform offers a range of trading and educational programs. Users can select from a wide range of trading assets, and customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Despite one trading skill, this broker’s intuitive trading platform and committed customer service team will ensure that all traders have a rewarding trading experience.

Facilities Given by Magnum Options

Magnum options offer a variety of features to their traders. In this Magnum Options Review, we will look at all of the programs, benefits and drawbacks, and offerings that magnum options provide.


Currently, magnum options provide more than 175 resources for trading. The investment products available for trading at magnum options are divided into five separate categories: foreign exchange, commodities, shares, indexes, and pairs.


Magnum options platform provides five different account forms for numerous traders, ranging from the Mini account for beginners to the Platinum account for experienced traders. Each account has its own set of unique features and bonuses. Another plus is that this broker has a trial account, which consumers have cited as a significant benefit in their Magnum Options Reviews.

Demo Account

The demo account is ideal for a complete novice investor or even an experienced investor who is unfamiliar with this platform to take a glance inside, understand how to use the platform and position their funds, and get a taste of investing without risking their capital. The demo account is a great place to learn, gain experience, and gain trust.

Mini Account

It is the perfect choice for beginners who are just getting started with trading. You will get a welcome bonus as well as links to beginner webinars, instructional videos, and a free downloadable eBook with this account.

Starter Account

Magnum options’ starter account is also known as a newbie-friendly account, and it requires a minimum deposit of 1000 monetary units to open. You will get a welcome bonus as well as exposure to beginner workshops, a free eBook, video tutorials, and business feedback via email if you sign up for this form of account.

Silver Account

Magnum options’ silver account is the broker’s preferred account form, claiming that it offers the best value for money. You can choose between a welcome bonus and one risk-free transaction with this account. A free eBook, exposure to starter webcasts, one VIP workshop, study guides, business feedback via email, an assigned account manager, and one academy session are also included. Magnum options’ silver account is valued at 5000 monetary units.

Gold Account

Magnum Options will grant you access to the gold account if you contribute 10,000 monetary units. As per user feedback on the magnum option, the gold account offers customers a couple of prominent advantages that will be very useful. Members of this account will receive all of the benefits of the previous, as well as some additional benefits, including a welcome bonus, three risk-free transactions or one ensured profit trade, two VIP workshops, two academy classes, and the ability to purchase a new tablet.

Platinum Account

The platinum account is one of the unique accounts at magnum options and obtained by placing a minimum of 25,000 monetary units. Holders of this account category have the option of receiving a welcome bonus, five risk-free transactions, or three assured benefit trades. You will also get all of the advantages that come with the other lower-deposit accounts, like instructional content, five academy classes, and two VIP webinars, a smartphone, and the ability to withdraw the same day.

Trading Platform

Magnum options uses the Spot Option 2nd generation platform as its trading platform. Some investors may choose to interact with a broker having a more interesting platform instead of transacting on a standardized white-marked trading platform due to its widespread acceptance by the multitude of brokers in the marketplace.

Transection Procedure

Credit cards, wire transfers, and other payment systems may be used to make deposits and withdrawals. Based on the trading account money, the minimum withdrawal sum is 100 monetary units, and the peak withdrawal amount is 20,000 monetary units through a credit card. Every month, a consumer’s initial withdrawal is free of cost. Any additional withdrawal is subject to a fee of 30 monetary units.


Magnum options is a financial derivatives broker that places a strong emphasis on trader training. Magnum options values education and offers numerous preliminary, intermediate, and in-depth modules to active investors. Their education department is equipped with several members who speak different languages to assist their international traders in comprehending the financial products. Live webinars, one-on-one trader instruction, and online databases of investing videos and eBooks are all available. Investors will stay up to date on global financial affairs with market price news updates. Traders may use market news to determine which resources to sell and which resources are common on any specific day.


There were no deposit bonuses or other incentives present at the moment of this study. There is a Recommend a Friend service, in which consumers are compensated financially for recommending their friends to magnum options. When bonuses are offered, they are for a short time only, and investors must perform transactions worth thirty times their bonus assets.

Customer Support

Magnum Options provides trustable customer service through phone, video chats, and email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. allows you to sell at any moment, as long as the commodity you want is exchanged in the relevant market. 


Although there have been several positive comments about the magnum options as a supplement, there have also been a few disadvantages brought up to this point. The following are examples of this:

  • Even though SpotOption offers mobile trading applications, Magnum options does not have a dedicated mobile trading app for phone users. Nonetheless, the central web-based trading platform is still readily available on every mobile device’s internet browser, despite the operating system.
  • There are no regulatory bodies that oversee the magnum options platform.


Magnum options have effectively built a tale out of derivative trading with its enticing features as one of the most innovative and efficient trading systems on the market. It has put a lot of effort into their platform, and they have some of the most valuable trading tools of any broker. A demo account is also a major bonus because most investors prefer to get a grip on things before investing actual cash. Given all of these benefits, you should keep in mind that while trading is expected to make you money, it can also make you lose funds, and the broker is no exception. As a result, traders need a solid plan and have to spend in your industry learning to reap the most benefits.

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