Onion Links – How to Access .Onion Sites?

The fallacy surrounding the deep web that it is used only for unlawful activities is quite very common but if you’re on the onion site that all your important details – location, sites you visit, and more – must not be accessed by your web browser each time you access the internet, you can consider using the deep web.

To access sites on the dark part of the deep web you’d need a Tor browser and must have the onion links for the site.

It can get quite boring for the new one to find out such sites because onion links on the deep web are dynamic – they always keep changing to avoid any surveillance – and if you were wondering how you’d find active onion links on the deep web, we’ve enclosed best site to do so.

But first, what is a .onion website?


Tor is the onion router – is an anonym-zing PC network. It is partially funded by the US GOVT and is made to help people in states where internet access might be monetized or censored.

When you link to Tor, your activity on the internet is sent through the Tor, and your anonym-zing your activity so it cannot be snooped on, and so that you can access sites that might be blocked in your state.

So, when you admittance www.google.com via Tor browser, your process bounces from the Tor network relay to relay prior to accessing an exit node.

That exit node then contacts Google for you, and it sends you back the information Google.com responded with and Google sees this as the exit node’s IP contacting it instead of your original IP.

But that means that the last mile of interchange can be watched by an organization monitoring or even running the exit nodes – particularly if your traffic is unencrypted. A “.onion link” address points to a tor hidden service that is a server you can just access via tor.

It means your activity cannot be snoop on by anyone examining exit nodes. It also means that anyone hosting a site can hide that server using the Tor network, so nobody can find it-in theory.

For instance, Facebook maintains a legal Tor hidden services address at https://facebookcorewwwi.onion/.

This permits you to access FB through tor, and your link does not ever leave Tor where it can be snooped on. This might be handy in areas that block FACEBOOK for instance.

You do not necessarily want to use Tor every time, as it is slower than browsing normally. But it is a handy tool for anonymizing your activity on the internet and bypassing censorship.

How to access .onion websites with Tor?

To access onion links, you will need to access them via Tor. It is a modified version of Firefox that is configured to link to websites through Tor. Just download the Tor browser from the project’s site to continue. It is available for Mac, Windows, Android, and Linux.

The Tor project still provides no official Tor app for Apple devices, but a few 3rd party apps are available in Apple’s store.

After launching the Tor, just type the onion link into its address bar. While using tor browser, you can click addresses to onion links and they will load normally. But, they will merely work in the Tor, while connected to the Tor network.

Best place to find Onion links

The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is an ideal place to start your research on the dark web. It is a full community-edited wiki full of website indexes that’s one of the oldest onion links directories on the dark web. Here you will find an entire of the important onion links to sources as well as services found on the dark web.

Just spend some time pouring over blogs or conspiracy theories. You will encounter anything from financial services to drugs and everything in between. There’re many spin-off websites with the same names that you’d take care to avoid, too.


Curiosity is a wonderful thing, but bear in mind, it also killed the cat!

It can be very interesting to see on the dark web, but it is also a serious risk. Before you understand it, you’d clicked on a corrupted link and your PC might be infected with viruses. For this reason,  I advise you do not go there if you do not have any good reason to do so.

If you do need to have seemed around, ensure you’ve completed the right security measures in place to protect yourself against any online malware.

Proper Security Measures

Visiting the dark web is not without concerns, which is why I recommend you take the following steps to protect yourself. First of all, you need a fine anti-malware program. To prevent your device from becoming a victim, you need to install a quality antivirus program.

This kind of program is vital, even when you are only browsing the surface web. In seconds, you need a good-quality VPN. Basically, it is a tool that encrypts the entire of your traffic and hides it.

If you are using VPN, no one will be able to know that you are visiting the dark web. Furthermore, hackers on the dark web would not able to track your activities back to your IP.

End words…

The dark web has disreputable for hosting a way for illegal and unofficial activities. While several of the scary stories you might have heard be real, several people surf the dark web for unofficial purposes.

The charm of the dark web captures the full curiosity of several people. Though, it is vital to take measured before diving into this wonderful yet harmful part of the internet.

The dark web has a range of onion links that’ll interest you. The identity of the consumer, though, has to be protected at every cost. As useful as the dark web is, it can be increasingly punishing.

I wish you good luck on your venture into this captivating and mysterious world. Be cautious and be safe.

Good luck.


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