Shocking Facts About Anisuzzaman Chowdhury

Many people want to know more about Anisuzzaman Chowdhury. Let’s know some shocking facts about Anisuzzaman Chowdhury that you have never heard before.

Anisuzzaman Chowdhury’s Prominent Family

Anisuzzaman Chowdhury was born in a prominent family at Anwara, Chattogram, Bangladesh. The respected freedom fighter and the reputed politician Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Baabu and Nur Nahar Zaman is his parent.

Rony is his most called nickname. He was born in May 1972 and married Imrana Zaman Chowdhury. He has three brothers and four sisters, and he is the second of them.

His elder brother Saifuzzaman Chowdhury Javed is a Member of Parliament and the Minister of the Land of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. His younger brother Asifuzzaman Chowdhury Jimy is a Director of UCB Bank and a young entrepreneur.

Mrs. Roxana Zaman and Mrs. Afroza Zaman are two younger sisters of Rony, who are also the Directors of the UCB Bank and are well established in their own working area.

Anisuzzaman Chowdhury in Politics

In whose blood is politics, he may not have done politics. Anisuzzaman Chowdhury’s father was a great politician elected to the MP four times from Chittagong 12 parliamentary seats and was a former presidium member of the Bangladesh Awami League.

His elder brother Saifuzzaman Chowdhury Javed is the current MP of Chittagong-12 parliamentary seats and the respected Land Minister of the Bangladesh Government.

Although Anisuzzaman Chowdhury is a little less active now in politics, he has recently served as the Industry and Commerce Secretary of the Chittagong South District Awami League.

Anisuzzaman Chowdhury’s Advance Thought

The world is getting better as time goes on. Anisuzzaman Chowdhury Rony is well aware of the need to think in advance to keep pace with this developed world. With this well-conceived idea, he has made the banking sector more developed in line with the world since he was elected as a director of UCB Bank, founded by his father.

Since then, UCB Bank has opened more than 200 branches across the country, recently launching the mobile banking app “Way.” The Imperial Lounge has also recently been inaugurated at Shah Amanat International Airport.

And last but not least, under his leadership, UCB Bank introduced the Smart Teller Machine (STM) for the first time in Bangladesh. Through the STM, customers can open an account and enjoy all other banking services without going directly to the bank to join a video call.

Ambidextrous Anisuzzaman Chowdhury

Anisuzzaman Chowdhury is a man with many talents. Returning to the country after receiving higher education from abroad, he did not just manage his father’s business. He has created more organizations with his initiative and has performed vital responsibilities in some reputed organizations.

Anisuzzaman Chowdhury is the Director of United Commercial Bank Limited, Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Ronny Chemical Industries Ltd, Bitucom Pte Ltd, Kith Fashion Ltd, and Anowara Construction Ltd.

Anisuzzaman Chowdhury Rony is making an outstanding contribution to the development of Bangladesh by utilizing his keen talent in various fields of Bangladesh, such as the banking sector, technology, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing-oriented industries, and exports and imports.

Anisuzzaman Chowdhury Social Welfare

Anisuzzaman Chowdhury has learned to serve people from his father and family. He could have gone abroad to pursue a higher life by pursuing higher education, but the thought of the welfare of the country’s people brought him back to Bangladesh.

During his tenure, he collaborated in schools, colleges, hospitals, orphanages, mosques, and madrasas for the welfare of the country’s people, including his hometown Chittagong. And during the Corona crisis of recent years, he helped many people with money and other matters. He donated Rs. 1 crore to the Poor Cooperation Fund of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh.


Anisuzzaman Chowdhury has been carrying out several developmental activities in different fields of Bangladesh for a long time. And He has been playing a leading role in the country’s development through his innovative spirit. He has spread his business abroad and is representing Bangladesh globally with a good reputation.

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